Risk Frontiers Africa 2020

Décembre 2020

Commercial Risk In Africa

For the first time since 2013, when we launched the Risk Frontiers Africa survey, political risk has been overtaken as the risk most worrying those with African interests.

In 2020, supply chain disruption has topped the risk list for risk managers inside the continent and those doing business in Africa but based elsewhere. The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly had a huge impact on business across the continent.

Topics covered include:

  • Results: Supply chain and business revival top risk list across Africa
  • Rates: Could prices be on the rise in Africa?
  • Business interruption: The African view
  • Risk: What threats were forgotten in the rush to re-organise in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • The numbers: Results from the Risk Frontiers Africa 2020 online survey
  • Covid-19: Have our ways of working changed forever?
  • Kenya focus: The risk profession has been challenged like never before
  • Nigeria focus: Experience of Ebola and Lassa Fever outbreaks helped Nigeria navigate its way through the Covid-19 pandemic
  • South Africa focus: Risk managers could not have predicted the pandemic but have plenty of lessons to learn
  • Zimbabwe focus: Covid-19 is just one of many disasters to have hit Zimbabwe in recent times

Covid-19: Tiago Mora of Brokerslink fears that African development has fallen back a decade due to the pandemic

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